Back home for a couple

Back home for a couple days, getting some things together so I can move into the house in kingston. There are all those little things you tend to forget about. Then there’s that little matter of finding a job. I’m listening to the new weezer album at the moment. It doesn’t come out until may 15, it’s nice to hear it in advance. I’ll most likely go out and buy it.

When i’m off at school I miss seeing my family and the dog. I think i’m mildly allergic to the dog, my eyes itch more here. The dog is almost human. The other members of the household aren’t around, my brothers are at school, my mom is working and my dad is off golfing in north carolina.

I think i was essentially oblivious to the month of april, work, do some more work and then a bit more.

Finished up all my exams

Finished up all my exams monday night, the last one was economics. It feels weird to be done. I’m in the limbo state right now that feels like I should be doing something. I don’t really have any responsibilities at the moments, no school word, no job yet. The one thing that I have to do is find a job for the summer.

Time to get back into the swing of things, do some more work on the website, redesign conform. I have to get back into the design community, i’ve been on hiatus for awhile now. To top it all off, the weather is great outside.

I’m listening to some pavement

I’m listening to some pavement and avoiding studying for my calculus exam. I have the rest of the day to study, well after I go to bed and wake up. A few more days, just a couple more and my first year at university will be finished. It seems like I arrived here not long ago. I have to say it’s been a great experience.

I’ve been studying for my

I’ve been studying for my computer exam most of the day/night, with breaks of course. I went to a tutorial this afternoon that was helpful both for my exam tomorrow and deciding what to take next year. I have to make sure that I actually get up for my exam tomorrow and am coherent enough to write it. It generally takes me a while to wake up.

As far as the courses go next year, it looks like i have to take two discrete math courses, programming paradigms, a course involving assembly programming, circuits, etc, a course that’s an extension of the one i’m taking now, a course about proving/testing programming structures and a statistics course. Beyond that I have 3 spots where I can have electives. The tutor also suggested taking a math minor because we’ll be at least halfway there by the time we’re finished anyway. At the moment, I have a bit of a headache from all the studying and thinking. I’m going to do a bit more, head off to bed, then try and wake up early to do a bit more studying.

Two exams down, three to

Two exams down, three to go. Then there’s other stuff to worry about, like finding a job for the summer and moving into the house, furnishing it, etc. It’s going to feel odd to be done in april. People need the summer off so they make money to pay for their education. Still, it’s kind of odd that you start off going to school 10 months a year, you get two months off, then you goto university get 4 months off, then get a full time job and get a couple of weeks off a year.

I’ve been neglecting online commitments

I’ve been neglecting online commitments the last month or two. I haven’t been talking to old friends via icq and email, I should keep in touch. I haven’t been updating with any regularity or meaningful content. I’ve haven’t put too much work into suffocate or conform, which I really should have been doing. Conform is in need of a redesign and a new backend, make it easier to update.

I have an algebra exam tonight. I think I’m prepared for it, I also have the rest of the day to study. It’s my computer exam on wednesday that I’m kind of worried about, haven’t done enough studying for it. Earlier in the year, I had put up pieces of black bristol board to cover a couple of the windows in my room. There are no curtains on them, so otherwise, you can’t prevent light from coming in them. I took the bristol board down, it’s springtime and I need more sunlight. This is the first morning in a long time with more sunlight (the sun comes up on my side of the residence). I’m deffinitely not used to it being this bright in my room.

That would be one exam

That would be one exam out of the way, four left to go. I guess it’s easter now. On campus, you live in a bubble, totally oblivious to the outside world. Easter, what? I’m studying for exams.