The kids I’m teaching this

The kids I’m teaching this week are have been busy creating posters, so I decided to create a bookmarklet for imdb. I find that I do a lot of searches for movies and something like it will probably come in handy. If you want to use it, just click on the imdb link and drag it up to links bar in the program you’re using (or wherever you want to put it).

I spent a good chunk

I spent a good chunk of the day yesterday messing around with php and xml. I’ve playing around with my list of movies, and trying to make it so you can sort the list by different criteria. Well at least by alphabetical order and by rank anyway. This tutorial on how to use php, blogger and xml came in handy for what I wanted to do. As well as some of the stuff at webmonkey. I should have some results relatively soon anyway.

Just finished up watching Raiders

Just finished up watching Raiders of the Lost Ark, it’s a great movie. I remember watching it many times when I was a kid and loving it then. I saw L.A. Confidential the another night, for some reason I hadn’t gotten around to seeing it yet. I don’t really know what I was expecting going into it, but it sure ended up a lot better than I thought it would. The whole thing is very intricate, I really liked it.

At the moment, my neck and shoulders are kind of sore. I went camping last night and figure I probably didn’t have the most comfortable sleep of my life. It’s either that or a combination of bad sleep and playing football in the water this morning. All in all, it’s was a fun night, although we almost got kicked out of the park. We had a prick of a security guard (not even a park warden) who gave us two warnings before eight pm. The first was basically because we had one of tents off the campsite. He came back a second time with another securtiy guard and got mad at us because we were being too loud and had a fire going. There was a fireban, but we had permission from the wardens to use briquettes in the firepit to cook. As far as being too loud goes, there was a concert going close to us and we had to yell to talk to each other. Two of the people in the group have actually been working as wardens at park’s this summer, so we know that we shouldnt have had two warnings before eight.

In recent days, i’ve watched

In recent days, i’ve watched Me, Myself and Irene and Chasing Amy. Irene was a decent flick, albeit mainly a jim carrey vehicle. The humour is typical carrey stuff, which is getting fairly tame compared to some of the recent gross-out comedies. Chasing Amy was great; funny and emotional. I was laughing my ass off for a good chunk of it, it’s deffintely one of Kevin Smith’s stronger movies.

My vision is messed up

My vision is messed up right now. My eyes have managed to create distortions that resembles those static lines you used to get on a television signal pulled in by antenna. It’s messing with my head. It could be something to do with staring at a computer screen for an excessive amount of time today. If you sit to close to the television you going to go blind, sure mom.

Tonite, I ventured out to

Tonite, I ventured out to pick up a new contact lens (to replace a ripped one) and make an appointment to have my eyes checked. I also decided to get most of my hair cut off. The decision to take the clippers to my head late last year has had a lasting effect on my head. It has now decided that it likes the feeling of shorter hair (long hair being shorter than the length I used to keep it at). It’s summer time at any rate, so my head will be a little bit cooler. I also picked up a couple more movies to watch over the next week.

Cached pages at google are

Cached pages at google are very useful. You can use them to circumvent firewalls and whatnot that your school or company may have set up. For instance, if you’re school decides to ban a list of free proxies, you can find a cached copy at google. They even have a cached version of eightface, which might be handy if I lost a bunch of data.

It’s funny, I said that

It’s funny, I said that i’d write more but what I meant, was that I’d actually write less. So it would seem anyway. Updates have become sporadic in the last week or two and I haven’t created anything new. It’s getting there, i’ll get back into the groove of things.

On another note, conform will be updated relatively soon. I had a new image to post, but the designer decided he didn’t like it and wanted to redo it. I don’t have a problem with that. In other news, adam is reworking his site. He hasn’t finished it yet, but I still like the new grunge stylings.