A general question; what do

A general question; what do you want to see? Why have you come here? A regular? Just passing through? Are you here for some daily reading, to look at pictures, do you want more writing? The return of fonts and wallpaper? A few songs for download perhaps, weird shit. Hmm, it’s deffinitely a good idea to get a bunch of projects started during the last month of the semester. Avoid work at all cost.

From one programming assignment into

From one programming assignment into another. From one programming language into another. Followed by this and that. The world will be a nicer place come April. That’s what we all say. And I’ll be so happy once this semester is done. I think part of it is the weather, the end of school coincides with the start of spring/summer. It brings new life and happiness.

I’m fighting with the theoretical

I’m fighting with the theoretical part of my computer assignment right now. I didn’t really have many problems with the programming. Two ordered dictionaries, S and T, describe an O(log^2) algorithm to find the key greater than exactly n keys in the union of S and T (given there are 2n keys and no duplicates).

I just ate a damn

I just ate a damn good sandwich. At this point you think, shit, this guy’s writing about eating a sandwich, I’m leaving. Well yes, it was a damn good sandwich and should be recognized. Some good quality bread, some mayo, some mustard, some Montreal smoked meat and slice of havarti cheese, oh yeah.

Dave Barry on curling: [Curling]

Dave Barry on curling:
[Curling] is one of the very few sports that combines the excitement of a heavy piece of granite sliding slowly across the ice with the excitement of chunky broom-wielding people in bowling attire sweeping furiously in the stone’s path, like janitors on speed.

No Canadian gold medals in

No Canadian gold medals in olympic curling, what a disappointment. We always seem to do well during the round-robin in international play but tend not to be able to keep it up through the playoffs. And then there’s the men’s hockey, we’d love to get our hopes up about that one but they have a tendency to cop out at the end too. Here’s wishing them the best of luck.

TSN has been pimping Men With Brooms during their commercial breaks, I’m looking forward to seeing it. A Canadian comedy about curling? There’s no way this one could go wrong.

I watched Ghost World last

I watched Ghost World last night. I enjoyed the last half of the movie, but thought the first half was crap. I sat there listening to the angsty teenage bullshit and was prepared to stab myself in the eye to make it go away. It got better and I started laughing, so things were better. I think it’s worth watching. Some of the visuals in the movie were pretty amazing; there was some nice framing and awesome s. I watched it on dvd, there isn’t a whole lot of extra stuff there (a directors commentary might have been nice).