What Are They Thinking?

I just started a bit of work on an essay for my English class. One of the possible topics involves a close reading of the Bar Mitzvah scene in Duddy Kravitz and figuring out how it relates to the novel as a whole. So, I immeadiately jumped on the internet to see if I could find some information. Long story short, I ended up following a link to a bar/bat mitzvah store. They have some of the cheesiest t-shirts I’ve ever seen, I can’t imagine some people forcing these on their families. Like this shirt or this one. I have these images in my mind of Jordana’s purple clad family gathered round the Wailing Wall and Sam’s family celebrating his coming of age with a giant country-style ho-down. Yikes.
On a side note, the people at judaica worldwide seemed determined as hell not to let me link to their crappy copyrighted t-shirt images. Fuck that.

Carson is Alive

For some reason I’ve never visited david carson’s website, it surprises me. It’s fun navigation; part artsy, part pain in the ass. Link via Carey, who seems to be in the process of another redesign. At some point, he’ll realize that he’s his own harshest critic and will ride his website out for more than a couple of days.

Don’t Bother Watching

At various junctures yesterday, I decided to watch movies instead of working. The first one, Meatballs was a decent comedy starring Bill Murray. It was made in 1979, so I can’t really tell if some of the gags would have been original back then. At this point, we’ve seen them dozens of times before and they’re not really all that funny. The second movie was How High. I got a copy of this movie on VCD, it’s really too bad that I wasted the cd’s on it. It’s not particularly funny — if you want good weed humour, go with Half Baked instead.

Golden Words

Golden Words has been breaking it down on Fark today — two articles! Love Fark or hate it, the site will give ours a whole load of traffic/exposure. It’s a good thing, except for EngSoc deciding that this afternoon would be a good time to do server repairs.

Friday Night

I decided not to go home for the weekend. I have a bunch of stuff on tap schoolwise during the week and need to get the ball rolling. I’m probably more apt to do work here than at home; not many friends around here. probably lots more distraction at home. I think I’m getting a bit sick and running out of food — no better time to go home. I’ve slept quite a bit in the last couple days, staying up that one night probably didn’t help much. No pity for idiots.


Bear witness to the return of the sun. The light looks fantastic outside, I must go photograph it. I don’t know why I’m still awake. I was out late working with Dave, Andrew and Eilis, on Dave’s final film project. We were doing some filming inside a bar after it closed. I ended up with some cool photos that I’ll probably get around to posting. There’s a little assignment due in a couple hours that I have to finish off. Figured I may as well just stay up for my morning classes and go to bed in the afternoon. Side note: I watched a couple episodes of Six Feet Under tonight. I loved it; it’s an awesome show. The ability to make life in the funeral business funny is astounding. It’s deffinitely worth checking out. On to the outside world to take some pictures.

Training Day

The weather was complete shit yesterday and nobody felt like doing much of anything. We grabbed a copy of Training Day from the video store and stayed in. The performances of both Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington were stellar. The movie was pretty good, but wouldn’t have been pulled off so well without them. If you pick up the dvd, it’s worth watching the alternate ending — not that it’s any better, it just shows how the ending that’s chosen can totally change a movie.