Tetris is Hard

Analysts at MIT have shown that Tetris is hard, NP-hard. Basically, even given all of the pieces in advance it’s still pretty much impossible to come up with the solution to the puzzle. I have to say that I played way too much Tetris 2 this past summer. The two player mode is very addictive. Here’s an faq detailing some strategy for approaching the Tetris world.

Campus papers in trouble

It seems that campus newspaper’s will always get into trouble for something. I think it’s just part of university life; there’s the vocal right wings and left wings that tend to have sway over the administration. I find that most students tend to be somewhere in the middle and really don’t care what gets published. They just don’t want to waste their time reading utter crap. That being said, it was in Utah where there’s a very vocal right wing, the results don’t surprise me. It happens here too; Golden Words and The Queen’s Journal, there’s always someone pissed off about something. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter too much. College papers can be seen as a stepping stone to real world newspapers, although even some of those are not the bastion of journalistic integrity that we’d like them to be. I find a lot of feedback tends to be negative, it might be nice to have some letters oozing praise to wave in the face of the dean. Enough, that was much more rant-like than I intended it to be.

Filesharing With OS X

I found a good two part article (part 1, part 2) concerning how to set up file sharing between pc’s running windows and macs. The second part is more concerned with setting up a samba server, you could talk to a *nix box with it too.

Odd Odd Man

Midterm, followed by midterm, followed by midterm. That’s a fun way to spent a week shortened by a holiday. It will all be over in a few hours. The point is that Ballmer is a sweaty sweaty man. I had managed to not hear about this collection of videos. The first one I looked at was the developers one.