Yeah, a beer would be nice right now. I’ve been staring at textfiles containing SQL scripts all day. I tweak a few things, upload it, run the script against the DB2 sample database and then it fucks up. Repeat ad nauseam. And since IBM hasn’t been nice enough to create DB2 for Mac, I’m working with textfiles on my school ftp server using BBEdit and telneting in to run the scripts. It’s kind of tedious but not running all that bad. I could have used a graphical editor to figure all this shit out in no time, the plus side to doing the textfile way is that hopefully it will prepare me for the exam.

A News Day

What can I say, I’ve been busy lately. I should really be able to find more posting time though.

So, there was a deadline for war and it coincided with prime-time television. Only problem was, the weather wasn’t ready for prime-time. But what about all the viewers tuned in to watch the show? Well, launch a volley of missiles, that should keep them happy. That might be a bit cynical, but I found it amusing.

Take a look at this screencapture from google news. Now, move beyond the major stories, take a look at the ones in US and World. On any other day, those would be major headlines. A quick run down: A massive operation in Afghanistan (link), New Serbian Prime Minister (link), Drilling in Alaska a no-go (link), DC-3 hijacked from Cuba(link), Columbia data recorder recovered (link).

Well, that’s out of the way. What have I been up too? Well, there was those assignments, and the putting together of the newspaper. Go check out the first issue that I was officially co-editor for, I think it turned out alright (there’s a .pdf that looks like the actual print version). And then there was some drinkee drinkee on St. Patrick’s Day, but that’s nothing special for college life. Any day can be a getting drunk day. Then a couple more assignments. It just doesn’t stop. The weekend brings a Saturday full of interviews for new masthead. So…

Crazee Week

I’m done crazeeeee weeek! Wazoo. The paer thing and the editing and the 5 assignments due and the no sleeping. Yeah that was fun. Now for the drinkee drinkee.

Unbiased Media

Americans have been looking at alternatives to the standard media juggernaut they have to endure. Although the BBC and other British news sites may not have the best coverage of the current political landscape considering the ties to the US. That said, Canada is in the same boat, with coverage leaning towards the American point of view but still enough independence to offer some differing view points. At least the ratio of terrorism, iraq and weapons of mass destruction to other news coverage is pretty low.

Fun Fun Fun

Yeah, you know what it is. Fun! It’s having five assignments due this week (albeit nice and evenly spaced out). It’s also spending seventeen and a half hours in the EngSoc lounge putting GW together. That really is fun though, sort of. It’s a bit different if it’s your first issue editing and the fucking computers won’t work and your staff is reduced and that reduced staff spent a fair portion of the weekend celebrating various staff related events. Wazoo. It’s time for some sleep. A few hours from now will be time for the operating systems assignment.

In other news

I have staged a coup and become editor of Los Golden Words. Bow before President Dave. This website looks pretty sparse right now. I made a new design a week or two ago, but never got around to putting it up. I think I was having style sheet issues. Sometimes they can be a pain in the ass.