Stayin Alive

Mark Burnett on Survivor:

“I’ve got people coming in now during the seventh season who have watched six seasons, they have bought the DVDs and they think it is THEIR game. They are telling me…’Isn’t today Day Seventeen, Mark? Shouldn’t there be like a rain cloud today? I am like, you know, shut the fuck up and just play.”


Alright, there was the Networks midterm on wednesday night, it was open book — i did a lot of research during the test. I think i did alright. I also had an assignment due for Networks this morning, it was writing a simple mail client. It wasn’t really that hard. And thus the week is done. I got the algorithms test back today, I passed, did ok, but not great.

Today is Halloween, the day/night when freaks get along alright with the rest of society. I don’t really know what I’m up to. There’s a bunch of keg parties and shit that I know about and there’s always The Scherzo, they have a show going on tonight, it should be good fun. I had office hours this aft, the office contains left alcohol from the cresting party. Yea!

With that I’m done. If I have something more productive to say, I’ll let you know. I’ve been trying to update the sidebar links more often, so try that shit out.


I was looking through the slideshow off this page and noticed that Bush appears stupid/confused in pretty much every picture. I think that’ s why nobody likes him, despite almost getting impeached, Clinton had this endearing quality, he could also look angry and concerned without looking confused.

New keyboard

Logitech iTouchThe keyboard is important, so I had to rush out and buy one this morning. It was the only time that I was going to be able to get it today, well maybe after five. I also realized that my keyboard held two of my usb ports and that I now really need to purchase a usb hub. Anyway, I decided not to go with the cordless variety of keyboard (you should really have a wired one around all the time as backup). I picked up a Logitech iTouch from KCP. It functions on a mac, unlike most of the Microsoft variety. The keyboard worked without any drivers, although I needed to get the Logitech control centre so I could map a key to the eject button, as my computer is lacking one. Whee, test in two hours.


You know what’s awesome? Studying. You now what’s even more awesome? Studying with a cup of coffee on your desk and proceeding to spill it all over your textbook and keyboard. The end result? That would be a keyboard with no functioning keys (or a malfunctioning command key that messes everything else up) and a stained algorithms textbook. Oh, I’m also going to have to pickup a new keyboard in the morning, it’s kind of a necessity. I have class all afternoon, plus the test to study for and write. Bah.