Cory Doctorow ate my crossword

Doctorow as a crossword clue

My conversation with el Cory

Cory Doctorow was in the crossword this weekend, and I had the presence of mind to email him (it’s every kid’s fantasy to be in the crossword).

Me: Dude, you were in the Globe & Mail’s cryptic!
Cory: I’m pretty sure that’s EL Doctorow.
Me: Uh…
Cory: The famous writer?
Me: I hid my brain under a rock. It’s now King of the Centipedes.
Cory: That woulda been hella cool.

Well, the conversation was actually a bit longer, a bit more boring and wasn’t really a conversation at all. My idiocy aside, the answer is IND(EL)ICATE not IND(CORY)ICATE. So, the email exchange helped. The internet is a weird place.

Slow but steady

My trusty old mac is starting to show its age. Nothing terrible, but you notice the odd wheeze as it struggles with a high-resolution slideshow or a large Photoshop comp. That said, it’s hard to complain when the machine is rock solid:

Coronado:~ dkellam$ uptime
16:46 up 61 days, 4:14, 2 users, load averages: 2.76 2.67 2.44

An uptime of 61 days? Guess it’s been a little while since the last reboot. A few specs for the curious: PowerMac G4 933mhz, 1gb SDRAM, 64mb GeForce4MX (my about screen image).