Back from Italy

Forum Panorama

Just starting to decompress after the end of the semester and a whirlwind typography department tour of Rome and Florence. I’ve started to go through my photos, but need to clear up some harddrive space to get at some of them. There are a few posted in my Italy 2007 set on Flickr, including a full-res version of the above panorama from the forum, but it’ll will still be a little while before the rest go up. I’m also frustrated with iPhoto, and will likely switch over to managing my photos manually in combination with Lightroom.

In the meantime, some of the other students have started to post photos. First and foremost, check out Chris Hill-Scott’s photos of Rome and Florence. He’s a great photographer and managed to take some amazing shots, despite having course-work to do as an undergrad. Flickr is serving as the defacto post-grad repository, so far we have photos from Alice, Dan, Hans, Jasso and Jenni.

Off to Italy for a week

I’m off to the continent for a week, so there won’t be any posts for the next week or so (not that anyone would notice). I intended to a better job posting this month, but ended up bogged down with school-work. There were many a long night spent in the department during the last few weeks. The project was a lot of fun though — working with John Morgan, designing a hypothetical book series. We spent a day in London with Derek Birdsall, having an extended lunch with altogether too much wine. That project was topped off with a three-thousand word paper for an experiment that we had to design.

The trip to Italy is offered through the typography department. Technically, it’s an undergrad course, although it’s predominantly post-grad these days. Upon my return, there will be many nerdy typography related photos, and many of the more general variety. I will attempt to post some updates via my twitter account, provided my phone functions properly. See you on the other side.