New Glasses

New glasses

These are the new glasses, that I picked up on Friday afternoon. The frames are by Oxydo, an Italian company with very little in terms of a website.

I needed something to replace my previous pair, they were about six years old and rather mangled. I wear contacts most of the time, but use glasses at night or when my eyes are tired.

ffffound plugin for WordPress

ffffoundRSS 1.0 for WordPress

ffffoundRSS, a WordPress plugin that lets you pull in images from your account or the community feed and display them on your site. Features easy configuration via an options panel, widget support and a cache to store images on your server.

Something I hacked together quickly over last day or so, mostly a basic rewrite of my similar plugin for Flickr. Thanks to Antonio at AisleOne for the idea, and a shiny new account to play with.