If you’ve never heard of

If you’ve never heard of HSE, go check it out. Originally it was just the movie exchange, but they added music awhile back. You can trade movies and stars like stocks and bonds, same with music artists. I’m starting to play it again, i used to play it a lot, but haven’t as much lately. Good for movie geeks, you get an idea of what’s going on. Next on my list would have to be Gone in 60 seconds, looks cool.

Well it’s nice to know

Well it’s nice to know that the government has deleted one of their databases tracking us Canadians. Well at least they’re pretending to delete it, who knows if they actually did or if it was just a mock up. Maybe i’ll go into hiding or something.

Had all my tests and

Had all my tests and quizes today. Brain was fried afterwards, still is. Did some yearbook stuff, then went with ian to see Mission Impossible 2. I thought it was better than the first one. Was one of the better action flicks, i’ve seen. Good and intense, the romance seemed kind of awkward and out of place. Other than a few overdone things it was good. Heather got home tonite. Screwed up some by going up to see the movie tonite. Whoops, i’ll see her tomorrow. Triple espresso’s going to keep me up. Blah.

Didn’t have to coach soccer

Didn’t have to coach soccer tonite, games were cancelled. Fields were too wet. Finished that bio isp up last night so it was out of the way tonite. Just taking a 10 minute break from studying, two quizzes and two tests tomorrow. Too much bloody work. Why do they always make sure everything comes together at the same time so you feel like you have way too much to do? huh? that’s it, back to the books.

Spent a few hours working

Spent a few hours working on a biology project with matt yee tonite. Loads of fun, trying to name little organisms we found in pond water (using a microscope). It’s a pain in the ass. We found a great site if you ever have to name organisms and only have their common name. Time to go finish some other homework and get to bed.