Ladies and gentlemen, i present

Ladies and gentlemen, i present to you tim hain, one of the greatest human beings i know. Read through some of his journal, he’s quite intelligent. Could probably do just about anything he put his mind to. Quite a selfless individual. Good luck in the future tim.

In my search to find

In my search to find out how to claim the compilation cd i just won out of a coke bottle cap, i came across the site of the canadian version of the univseral page. I must say that it has to be one of the ugliest corporate sites i have ever seen and could probably pull a better one out of my ass. I think they have an 8 year old with clip art making it. Universal is currently owned by Seagrams which is a canadian company. You think they could do a better job.

Saw Gone in Sixty Seconds

Saw Gone in Sixty Seconds tonite. Definitely doesn’t have a complex plot line or anything, but it’s a great high octane, high adrenaline rush. The driving is awesome, supposedly nick cage did his own driving for it. You almost have an orgasm as he has the ’67 mustang over 90mph and then hits the nitro, even loses the helicopter chasing him. Go see it for the cars. Should probably goto bed soon if i want to get up to go do yearbook work. Damn.

Hmm, had an exam thursday

Hmm, had an exam thursday and one this morning, been studying a lot, haven’t been around the computer too much. Just occasionally for breaks, downloading mp3s or something. The exams werent too hard and now i have four days to study for my last exam. Hmm, will i use em all? Probably not. Anyway, Conform has been updated. Finally. It’s been taking awhile between updates, everyone is busy.

Nothing much to say really,

Nothing much to say really, been trying to stay away from the internet, get some studying done. Been downloading a bunch of indie music lately, hardcore/emo. Guess the scene in Brockville is starting to come alive again. There’s a show tonite downtown with Weights and Measures and a couple other bands, not going to get to it tonite though. Too bad, havent been to a show in awhile. Can’t even remember the last one i was at, shutdown show maybe.

A new desktop is up,

A new desktop is up, it’s called relax. I also upped two better higher quality jpgs for the orange desktop. Enjoy. Had a good day today, grad goodbye day. Had fun with everyone, got really dirty and yelled a lot. Coached soccer tonite, the team won 9-0. Other team had some injuries or something. Biology term test tomorrow, time to go study.