Woke up early on my

Woke up early on my saturday morning, one of the few days i don’t have to work, so i could drive up to kingston. Went to queen’s to do an orientation / pre-registration of courses thing. I’m going to do a bachelor of science degree, with a major in computer and information science. So next year i’m taking intro to computer I and II, algebra, calculus, economics and psychology. It looks like my friday is going to be pretty free, yah. Watched dogma again tonite. Still ranked as one of my favourite movies.

Just finished watching Magnolia. I

Just finished watching Magnolia. I found it a bit on the long side, finishing up around 3 hours. It’s slow moving, but it’s not the same as some of the one’s where you find your ass falling asleep. The movie flip flops around with a very interwoven story line and cast of characters. No real main characters, it’s more like a cast of supporting actors. It was worth watching, one of those movies that an english teacher would probably love.