Just finished watching run lola

Just finished watching run lola run. It’s a foreign flick, so don’t watch it if that shit isn’t up your alley. I liked it, doesn’t follow your typical hollywood movie standards. Has some really cool camera work, especially the starting. Amazing soundtrack too, techno/electronic, good stuff. Lola basically has to get a bunch of money and the movie keeps replaying the same scene, although each one is slightly different. Every outcome is affected by small things, it’s really cool. It’ll make sense if you see it.

Drove up to ottawa tonite,

Drove up to ottawa tonite, saw Scary Movie. It was allright, fairly typical for a gross-out humor comedy. Not much in terms of subtle humor. Everyone picked up on the scream, i know what you did last summer and dawson’s creek type stuff, don’t know how many people picked up on the usual suspects ending though. As soon as she started to drop the coffee cup i knew what they were doing. On the way home we ended up behind a drunk driver. You could tell, swerving everyonce in awhile, speeding up, slowing down, being a general asshole. Followed him onto the 401, ended up calling the cops and watching him get pulled over, it was fun.