There’s an article up at

There’s an article up at cnet entitled the 10 worst games of all time. I’m not a huge gamer, but sometimes it’s nice to see something like this. You usually only see the top 10 of all time. The problem with this list is that all the games seem to be relatively recent and a number of them are remakes of other classic games (a recipe for diaster).

Just finished up watching Kiss

Just finished up watching Kiss Toledo Goodbye. It’s hard to follow at times, but still an alright movie. It’s one of those movies that they say and do things that just don’t normally happen in movies. It’s essentially a mob comedy movie that makes the mob members look like complete idiots at times. There’s a bit of a plot twist, but it’s not too hard to see coming.

My mom is watching star

My mom is watching star trek upstairs, i can hear the music drifting down the stairs. Voyager, i guess it’s the only star trek series left, i haven’t watched any of them in a long time. It’s voyager’s last season, they’re planning another series of some sorts, but no real indication of what it is.

Stopped off in kingston on

Stopped off in kingston on the way home and watched Cast Away. It’s a decent movie albeit a tad on the long side. Odds are good that tom hanks will get an oscar nomination for it, the academy seems to like him. There are some funny moments and some predictable ones. I enjoyed it but by the end of the movie i was really wishing i hadn’t bought that pepsi. Watched Back To The Future II tonite. I’ve seen it before, but that was a long time ago. I’m going to have to watch the third section of it, damn continued story.

I watched junkyard wars for

I watched junkyard wars for the first time tonite. It’s a pretty cool show, worth checking out if you find the inventing things is fun. Pretty uneventful day, drove around with my cousing, did some shopping. Check out golden words, the site was redesigned in the last couple days. The guy in charge of it used a rough layout i did as a guide, it looks a lot better now, easier to navigate. He did a good job.

I watched gladiator again last

I watched gladiator again last night, i originally saw it in the theatre. I’ll probably pick it up on dvd at some point. I’m in burlington, ontario tonite, visiting family for a couple days. My dad didn’t come along for the trip, i ended up driving through toronto. It wasn’t that bad, although there was a couple times that traffic came to a compete stop. A little bit worse than usual for that time of day, probably because it was a holiday. Watched road trip tonite with my brother and cousin. There are some parts that are damn funny, but the genre of film has been overdone recently and this version doesn’t really offer you anything that the other’s don’t.