Did some playing around in

Did some playing around in photoshop last night. A friend I went to highschool with is working on some sort of publication here at queens and asked me to make something because they were lacking in artistic type images. It’s not really that artsy, no real thought put into it or imagery behind it, more of a lets go through the hardrive and just put a bunch of stuff into it. I posted it up in random. There are two versions, the original was in , the other was desaturated and given a bit of an old school tinge.

I have the computer midterm

I have the computer midterm in half an hour. All these java bits and pieces floating about in my head, various data structures and whatnot. At this point I think how I do really depends on what they put on the exam. Last night I finally started to grasp complexity and summation notation, so I’m hoping that knowledge has stuck in my head and will prove useful.

There’s a good read over

There’s a good read over at slashdot concerning RIAA quotes about losing money this year due to napster. It is pirated music and i guess it’s probably illegal, but how can they claim that music swapping is cutting into their profits when they’re total revenue is increasing every year?

The world is changing, the internet is changing, it’s quite the world that we live in these days. A constant state of flux. There’s talk of the dot-com collapse, internet start-up’s bombing out, making no money. The internet started out as a medium for communication and information sharing, maybe it’s heading back in that direction. Although I doubt corporations will shy away that easily. Currently, many of them don’t really have effective business models. A lot of the internet start-ups were using it as their sole source of income, and that income never appeared. It would be more effective if companies used the internet as an extension of their real world business or combined the two so they worked in tandem. Some of the companies that are pretending they have have a tandem business model are no longer using their real world company to it’s full extent, using it as a platform to draw attention to their internet business. Companies that are now seeing dwindling profits due to over-investment in the internet.

It seems like i’m painting a doom and gloom portrait of the internet, i’m not trying to do that, I love it. It’s more that if companies want to survive, they have some thinking to do. Many people have a social stance that’s very anti-corporate, myself included, but I think corporation are going to have to stay as part of the internet to help foster growth. They’re the ones that will be investing in the technology that makes the internet work. That’s enough, I have to get to bed and then wake up to write a bloody midterm.

And then there’s this that just confuses the hell out of me.

The joys of studying and

The joys of studying and procrastination. Java, the work of the devil. I have a computer mid-term tomorrow morning that I’m studying or not studying for at the moment. Hard to believe that i’ve already finished 75% of my first year of university.

Other things; i’ve been listening to a lot of older music the last few days and Apocalypse Now is going to be 53 minutes longer, a point of interest because I watched it recently. Been listening to things like Boston, The Rolling Stones, CCR, Simon and Garfunkel and the list goes on.

Settling back into the school

Settling back into the school life, trying to get some reading done. The floor is still kind of empty, people are gradually returning. I find the I don’t spend as much time in front of the computer here because the chair is no where near as comfortable. I find sitting here for extended lengths of time makes some part of the body sore. I found my love for irc again today, I never have been a huge napster fan. Napster has been terrible since the school limited it’s bandwith usage, it’s faster to get songs off it through my dial-up at home. On irc, downloading isn’t limited by the school, it’s only throttled by the people serving up the songs.

The people in the patent

The people in the patent office have gone mad. It seems kind of stupid that someone would try and patent thought processes. It obviously won’t hold up, it’s kind of easy to prove that thought processes and flow charts existed before this patent.

Steve Jobs indroduced a new

Steve Jobs indroduced a new line of imacs today that are tie-dyed, dubbed flower power. The thing is absolutely hideous. It says in the article that it could possibly be a wise decision, targeting the computers at the young girls and women who represent a large chunk of purchasing power. I don’t think i could stand that thing sitting on my desk, although i’d accept one if someone decided to give it to me.

Keeping with the current trend

Keeping with the current trend of displaying hot people, john indroduces his gallery of everyday hotties. My guess is the majority of these people don’t know john and they never figured that someone like john would visit their personal page and download that picture someone took while they were drunk and pretending to be a prostitute. Oh the joys of the internet.