Here’s a damn funny flash

Here’s a damn funny flash movie. It brings back memories of the old school mario, although they aren’t far away. I’ve had an old school nintendo revival of sorts in recent months. I’ve been playing games like tetris and mario brothers as well as games like mario world and nba jam on the snes.

Here’s a little side note

Here’s a little side note before I goto bed: today I witnessed some of the worst driving I have every seen in my lifetime. I haven’t been driving that much this year because i’ve been away at school, so it could possibly be me not being used to it. Still, all of these events occured within a short period of time in my hometown. Between old people driving way under the speed limit, a bunch of people cutting me off and other idiots doing wild u-turns in front of me, it was quite the ridiculus charade. Once again, that generalization that people are inherently stupid popped into my head.

There’s not a whole lot

There’s not a whole lot going on. I worked today, did some work yesterday, haven’t been on the internet that much. I’m back in kingston for a couple days now. I have to come up with some lesson plans or cirriculum or something like that for what i’m going to be teaching next week. They’ve screwed it up by not having any internet access for the first day or two, which means that i’ll have to switch some of the things i’d normally do around.

I got paid for one of my jobs today. So i’ll have some money to spend on things. I also have to go out and hunt down some of my money from other jobs that i’ve finished up in the last week or so. Beyond that, i’m tired and should probably go to bed.

I ended up seeing the

I ended up seeing the fast and the furious tonite. It was a decent movie. The plot was as could be expected, it’s essentially a b movie. The action sequences were pretty damn cool. If you like to drive, a good chunk of the movie is a hardcore adreline rush. As could be expected, the ending was just about as happy as you can get for a movie involving an undercover cop that becomes friends with the guy he’s supposed to catch. Enough of that, i’m surprised that it did so well at the box office over the weekend. I don’t like dial-up internet, too damn slow.

I was supposed to work

I was supposed to work from 7am to 3pm today, then they asked me to stay until 5. So, I did. I’m tired now. I’m going to head home shortly, although i’ll probably catch a movie before leaving kingston. That’s it.

I’ve been working more hours

I’ve been working more hours recently and haven’t found as much time to post things. I’ll be heading back to brockville for a couple days this week. I have to do some orientation at one of the locations of the summer computer camp. I don’t have to do as much training because i was an assitant counsellor last year. One thing that’s kind of odd is that I go down on record as an unqualified teacher at the school board. Unqualified teachers are required to have a police background check and either a tuberculosis test or chest x-ray. I’ll take care of those when i’m home. I’ll be back in kingston towards the end of the week, doing a bit of work at tim horton’s over the long weekend. After that, i’ll be back to brockville for most of the summer.

An interesting article regarding google,

An interesting article regarding google, well form a computer science standpoint at least. They didn’t go into any of the technical aspects like the storage space and computing power required to index over a billion pages. The article broaches the topics of the dot com failures and how the search engine actually works from a coding standpoint (without really talking about code).

I guess people have become

I guess people have become really stupid and over the top concerning politically correctness and not wanting to hurt people’s feelings. If it weren’t for the law and politics, these people probably would have been killed off long ago. If human-beings had been such a bunch of wusses 50000 years ago, the race never would’ve survived.

I just spent probably an

I just spent probably an hour and trying to install a keyboard tray on my bloody desk. The desk is kind of high, so the tray makes for better ergonomics. It was a pain in the ass to install by myself, mainly because it involved laying on by back drilling and trying to put in screws that really didn’t want to go in right, as well as making sure it all aligned properly so the drawer actually slides out.