If you stare at a

If you stare at a computer screen all day, it gives you a headache. Well, staring at the white s produced by programs for programming. I’m sure I could probably change the background , but I didn’t think of that until now. The powers that be in the computer science department decided to be complete bastards and give us two assignments due on tuesday and two midterms back-to-back on thursday. I imagine that something else will crop up too.

The new chemical brothers video

The new chemical brothers video (Star Guitar) is pretty impressive. I can only imagine the difficulties that you’d have synching the visual images with the song.

It’s been a nice day, one of the first in a week or so in which we’ve actually had everything in the house working. I have a bunch of tests and assignments this week, they seem to be a lot more liberal in dolling them out this semester. Back to work for a bit, then nighttime class.

I bought a new deck

I bought a new deck of cards last night. There’s nothing quite like a fresh deck of Bicycle’s.

We did get our hot water up and running again the other day, but somehow in the process of installing the new tank, they removed a fuse that controlled the fridge/freezer and or shorted the fridge out. We managed to get our freezer working again, but the fridge doesn’t want to listen to us. It just sits there in the dark letting perishable items perish. We have a few things crammed into the little bar fridge in the corner.

I was already in to the paper today and think I have an article in for this week. There’s the possibility of me going in again later if they need help, but it probably won’t be necessary.

Roger Ebert is the man.

Roger Ebert is the man. It’s an article talking about dvd commentary tracks and how anyone should be able to do them. It’s kind of funny because Dave and I spent time over the holidays working on something very similar, albeit a touch on the shorter side.

Next week is going to

Next week is going to be fun. I have an assingment or a test in four of my five classes.

At this point I’m slightly irritable, we haven’t had hot water in a number of days. It was lukewarm for a couple of days, so we called our landlord. One of his minions came over and looked at it. Sure enough, it was broken and leaking so he turned it off. So, yesterday and today we have had zero warm water; it’s bone cold. I want a shower.

Well, I finally decided to

Well, I finally decided to do something about my links page. I realized awhile ago that I had accidently included an html index as well as the php one, so the html was getting displayed. Now it looks nice, well compared to the default crap anyway.

Once again I have fallen

Once again I have fallen off updating. Actually I’ve been spending time away from the computer, well that and when I am sitting here I’ve been trying to be more productive. I had an assignment due today in my Information Structures class. It involved familiarizing ourselves with tree structures and serialized i/o. We had to implement a basic family tree program and do some complexity problems out of the textbook. It’s the first time in awhile that I’ve handed in a Java assignment and actually felt relatively confident.

I’ve been looking into getting some sort of gallery script for the photo section, rather than having to do it by hand. Ryan pointed me towards a built in photoshop function for webgalleries (under automate) that is good for creating a quick and dirty gallery that you don’t really care as much about. If anyone knows any decent php scripts or something of the like that don’t require sql please drop me a line.