Falling Down

Here’s an interesting interview with Johnny Knoxville, in which he talks about the Jackass phenomenon. From my recent involvment with a Golden Words film, I can understand his perspective: “You could show Jackass without dialogue most of the time. If you run into a wall and fall down, people laugh.” Our audio wasn’t great, neither was the onscreen text, but there was lots of fighting and falling down. I was one of the people fighting and falling down, so I can understand the hurting yourself part. And the shitty filiming on digiital by people who don’t really know what they’re doing. The video will end up online at some point, I imagine when school work dies down.

An Onion Parody

Mad Magazine created a spot on parody of The Onion. In an unrelated note, everything looks like ass in Netscape 4.51 on a Sun Ultrasparc. On the plus side, the keyboard has a ‘props’ key.


For some reason, I hacked off the hair on my chin. I don’t really know why. The last time I did that was about three years ago and that lasted for a day. Prior to about five minutes ago, I hadn’t shaved in about a week and half. Go figure. I will post a picture at some point. I’ll also probably start growing my goatee again. And my apologies to Ryan, I will rejoin the club soon.

Perlin Noise

Ken Perlin came up with this idea of procedural texture maps; adding noise to a basic pattern to make it seem more natural. His website does a pretty good job explaining things, the marble texuring is a good example, the veins look much more real with noise.

Studying for another graphics midterm. I don’t think I’ll do better than the last one, but it shouldn’t be too bad.

A Smart Man

I have to admit that my respect for Tom Petty has gone up a couple of notches, he has some smart things to say about the state of the entertainment industry. Irony can also be found in the ads I saw on the same page for the Christina’s ‘Dirty’ video.

I’ve been kept busy with a lot of school work lately, drawn away by group projects and whatnot. So, I’ve been neglecting my computer and website. They’re both hurt inside.