So very cold

Who wants to write an exam at 9 in the morning? Who wants to be awake? Apparently, a lot of people do. I guess they wake up before noon everyday. The one thing the books don’t tell you about this time of day is the cold. Sweet Jesus is it cold. In the wee morning hours that I’m accustomed to, there’s a least some residual heat left from daytime. Or maybe not, and maybe the books do tell you about the cold. Books.

I should probably get a little more studying accomplished in the next hour or two. It’s time for computer graphics: OpenGL, the rendering pipeline, vector spaces, ray tracing, all that jazz.

It makes nonsense

Earlier today, I read this review of a Snoop Dogg concert in Edmonton (it might have been two) and found that it didn’t make much sense. I went back and reread it just now, it still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. That doesn’t mean it isn’t funny though. My theory is that if you’re name is Fish Griwkowsky you can get away with writing whatever you want.


If you don’t rock out to Self Esteem by the Offspring, you’re a liar. That goes for the rest of Smash too. It doesn’t seem like a good study album but I’ve owned it for a long long time, so it doesn’t seem intrusive. Put it on the stereo and take a trip to back in the day.

Police Telemarketing

Last summer I had my bike stolen, right off the front porch. I called up the police and told them about it, they never found my bike. However, they were nice enough to put me in their telephone directory. So, whenever they’re looking for money to host some event or produce a brochure they call me and many others I imagine. Policing is a business too. I imagine they pull a lot of people in too, the ones who feel guilty about something. Maybe they’ve tagged every occasion that I haven’t given them money, so that when I reach a certain point of non-compliance they can arrest me for something stupid and get the money that way.

Vortex Machine

An article outlining a prototype for a tornado in a can. It’s used to pulverize whatever goes in; diapers, chickens, jellyfish. I know if i had one i’d be throwing everything in it. Here’s a diagram from the patent office that shows the machine in greater detail.

On Vinyl

Here’e and article detailing one of the few remaining companies that press vinyl in the states (and the related thread on slashdot. There are some insights into the resurgence of the medium, most of it fairly obvious; movies and djs. I picked up a record player this summer, as a result most of the music i’ve paid for this year has been on vinyl. When you can pick up albums like Ziggy Stardust for a dollar, why would you bother going out and buying the cd? You own the album, so you can grab the mp3s and make a copy on cd legally. And there is of course the album art on records; so much better (and bigger).


Just finished giving the links section a quick once over. Culled out a bunch of deadlinks (I hadn’t looked at it in awhile) and updated the stylesheet. Still need to update it with more of the sites that I visit semi-regularly, but that’ll take a bit of time.

On a side note, I love BBEdit. A text editor that codes things depending on the file and allows you to open/save via FTP? I can open up templates and such, hack away at them for awhile, save and have the changes take effect right away. Whee.

Redesigns and Such

I’ve reverted to the default moveable type templates in an effort to get to know the system a bit better. I’ve started tweaking them a bit, rearranged the archives, attempted to implement a site search and started work on some ideas in my head. Figured that I may as well dive into the redesign and make changes gradually, rather than starting something and getting bored/frustrated with it before I’ve finished it all. There’s lots of pictures and things i’ve written for the paper that are sitting around waiting to be formatted and uploaded.