Fucking Fuck

I have an exam in four hours. Do I want to write it? Not particularly. Is it because I’ll do horribly? Hell no. I just feel like I waste at least a month or two of my life every year preparing for exams. They won’t benefit me at all in this ‘real-world’ they like to talk about all the time. I don’t envision a work world with my employer putting me into a hall with a hundred other people and telling me that I have to develop a product or something in three hours or else they’ll fire me/reduce my salary. That’s right. Projects and assignments, those are alright… I’m down. They’re practical. I don’t learn shit from cramming all of this knowledge in at the last second just to regurgitate it moments later. And a few hours after that, I’ll end up in a bar, working on brainwashing myself and making room inside my head for more temporary information. It’s not that I’m setting about changing the system, but it seems like the only reason for keeping the old one around is to separate the people who actually do work from the people who drift by on the shoulders of others. They’re going to exist regardless. The administration preaches about modern technology and innovative solutions, yet still clings to old world ideas that ‘work’ because, well because they’ve worked in the past. Go team.

There are other things I’d rather be doing.

The fear

I picked up a bit of a cold the other day, just the common cold, none of the SARS. People are going apeshit these days, it’s kind of ridiculous, the odds on you dying from it are pretty slim compared to a lot of other things. I guess it’s the whole epidemic thing. I just pump myself full of nasal decongestants and try to carry on with my studying. The point, well the point is this picture that i found at CNN (link). Yes, it’s a Kerropi breathing mask, just when you thought Hello Kitty had everything.


Alright, two exams down, three left to go. I had some Digital Systems and some Operating Systems to do. I think they went alright, considering i sporadically went to class the last month and had to teach the courses to myself. I find it a bit easier at the end, when you cram it all together and get a solid view of the big picture. Although, that shit doesn’t pan out sometimes and you’re left just staring at the exam and the fine wood grain surface of the desk.