A script for the album whore

In the spirit of procrastination I decided to write an applescript that allows you to enable/disable multiple tracks in iTunes, since it seems to be natively lacking that functionality. Basically, the disabled tracks won’t get played in playlists/random selection — it’s useful if you’re an album whore and have tracks you never listen to just but you just needed to have the whole album. I began my quest but decided to check the internet first for existing scripts. Low and behold, Apple comes through (why this isn’t in the product is beyond me).

Now, don’t let that shifty purple logo and iTunes 2.0.3 thing deceive you, the Enable|Disable Script will work just fine with iTunes 4.1. You can’t get the scripts by themselves, so just download the whole package, unpack it and throw the Enable script into Library>iTunes>Scripts and then try running it on a track in iTunes. It’ll ask you to find Internet Explorer.app, just select Safari instead (i think all it needs it for, is if you’re not running iTunes 2.0.3 it’ll launch the webapp and bring you to the site to download it).

That concludes the procrastination session, I’m off to study some more computational geometry and approximation algorithms. Go team!

Meet the Rza

The Onion A.V. Club interviewed Rza, you should read it, like Freeman says. Here’s a few bits:

O: You like Bob Hope?

RZA: Yeah, man. Bob Hope is crazy.

O: Who surprised you by being a Wu-Tang Clan fan?

RZA:Leonardo DiCaprio. Oh, man, this nigga knew all my shit. That fucked my head up. There are a few other actors like that. There’s a lot of Hollywood actors, in fact, that I be meeting and shit. The Baldwins, I’m real cool with them.

Sounds like a pretty cool guy, like someone you’d want to hang out with. And just make shit.


The paper finished up pretty early last night, we were outta EngSoc by 2:30. It’s the last issue of the semester and it probably shows. It’s a busy time of year for people, tons of shit due and everyone looks incredibly overtired. I looked around at about 10:30 and realized that none of the writing staff were around and was happy that we had cut the paper size from 20 pages down to 16. However, the loyal staffers Freeman and Tavis returned to keep us company in the wee hours, although I suspect the alterior motive may have been bandwidth abuse.

I’m trying to get my ass motivated to write a paper on Palm/PocketPC computing, I don’t really know where to start. I’m supposed to do it on roughly the same topic as my presentation, but so far the farthest it has progressed in my head is, “dry pice of boringness.”