Emulation Fun

Hola, I’ve been staring at my computer a lot the last couple of days. It’s been pissing me off because a lot of that time has been spent staring at windows and learning the frustrating windows ce api calls. Here’s a screencap of a pocketpc being emulated on windows emulated on a mac. It’s also evidence that my project is semi-working. Whoooooo.

No worries

Buppa cha ba buppa cha ba:

He said that downloading a song or making files available in shared directories, like those on Kazaa, does not constitute copyright infringement under the current Canadian law.

Download away my friends, download away.

Fear the Danish!

Apparently, Denmark has invaded Canada. And none other than Stockwell Day has taken up the cause of defending our great nation:

“The nation of Denmark has laid claim to Canadian territory. Its military, from its warship, hoisted its flag on our Arctic territory without permission, without warning, and without any fear of being stopped,” Mr. Day said on Friday.

“The government’s utter disarray is underlined by the fact that the scandal has led to the recall of our ambassador to Denmark, the very nation that is challenging our sovereignty,” Mr. Day said.

We must fear our Danish overlords! Canada’s response? We’re sending a warship, troops and helicopters up for patrols sometime in the summer.

Feeding the world

A few excerpts from an essay by Norman Borlaug:

“Low-yield farming is only sustainable for people with high death rates”.

“Some of them say that modern food is not as healthy as yesterday’s, though science can find no lack of nutrients and, all over the world, the people eating modern crops are growing taller and living longer.”

I remember watching a Bullshit! episode about genetically engineered crops and Penn & Teller referring to Borlaug as the greatest man alive, that he had saved more than a billion lives. There was an article on slashdot today that says he just turned 90. He is responsible for the “Green Revolution” and won a noble prize in 1970.