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Turn off your brain

I, RobotI watched I, Robot last night with Alanah; it’s good and it’s bad. Wired sums up the movie best, If you shut off your brain, it is fun to watch. If you’ve spent time thinking about robotics and a.i. and delve deeper into some of the plot elements the movie can get convoluted and stop making sense. The look and feel of the movie was pretty slick. Their vision of the future is a reasonable adaptation of modern cities and what technology we may see in the future.

Summer doldrums

I haven’t been hanging out with the computer that much the last little while, that means fewer posts. Next week I’m running a computer camp, so we’ll probably see a few more.

Summer does offer the opportunity to spend a lot of time outside; it’s fun to go wandering around downtown. Yesterday, I picked up three books from a cut-rate bookstore: The Erye Affair by Jasper Fforde, Moody Food by Roy Robertson, and In America by Susan Sontag. They should keep me busy for a little while. I also found a really cheap pair of shorts and t-shirt.

The design for the Conform Project is half-finished and the series has been started, so it should be appearing in the very near future.