75km in four weeks

Started running/jogging again a month or so ago. The primary reason was to get myself in better shape (increased stamina, energy, etc.). Combined with an active effort to eat better, it’s making a difference. I can run further/faster than before and I’ve dropped a little over ten pounds in the last five weeks — that’s like strapping a good four or five bags of sugar to my gut.

The Nike + iPod thing makes the whole experience relatively easy, essentially turning physical activity into a video game. About a month ago, I set a goal to run 75km in four weeks, something that seemed almost impossible at the time. Anyway, it happened and didn’t kill me too much. Here’s proof that I achieved my goal, as well as my run from earlier today:

75km in 4 weeks

3.34km in 22mins

I’m not on the road to becoming one of those crazy health nuts, but it does feel good to get the heart rate up. As far as eating better goes, it’s mostly trying to avoid snacking. Well, that and fast/pre-packaged food — it can be so easy to eat terribly in the UK. Overall, I’m feeling heathier and better.