Yet another last minute post

It’s becoming a bad-habit to write an entry at the end of the month — just to make sure there’s one full-size journal article for the monthly archives. As usual, there’s a slew of excuses for my poor performance (final project displays, flat-hunting in London), but they’re not entirely valid given the host of busy people that are more prolific posters. Not that quantity necessarily equals quality, but nothing is kind of pathetic.

The reality is that I just haven’t been taking an active role in my own website for the last year or two. It hasn’t been part of my life in the same manner that it was. Eightface used to be more personal, a digital playground of sorts. But somewhere along the line, it changed. I stopped offering my opinion, I stopped being funny, so it stopped being fun. The site became a giant sanitised turd, if such a thing can exist.

Anyway, that’s enough ripping into myself for poor performance. I’m off to a goodbye party for Marvin, he’s heading back to Canada in a few days. He’ll be getting married later this month, and I wish him all the best.

I’m working on a new design/layout for the site, that should be finished in the near future. It’s actually happening behind the scenes, and is a little bit more involved than my typical ‘live’ redesign. Keep an eye out for the announcement.