Closure a word brought to

Closure a word brought to me courtesy of tim hain. The yearbook proofs were approved by the principal today, other than the odd spelling mistake he said he was very impressed. I now feel closure, my highschool career has finally come to an end. I am done the yearbook and I am headed off to university next week. On the title page of the yearbook, we have an english proverb – a good beginning makes a good ending. I have to remember i am there for school next year, and the first year is just as important as the last year.

Conform has been updated. Usually

Conform has been updated. Usually doesn’t take that long between images, but the first guy who was going to do it had a lot of stuff come up, so he couldn’t get to it. So heather ended up doing it. That’s the last one in the series, there will be another one starting up soon.

I watched Supernova tonite. It

I watched Supernova tonite. It had some really cool special effects in it, but other than that there weren’t any redeeming qualities. A typical sci-fi movie with many holes in it. By my estimation, the supernova will reach earth in 51 years. Well ain’t that nice? If the explosion traveled at the speed of light it would place the star at 51 light years from earth. Considering the crew was traveling out in deep space and made a jump to the star that was 3000 some odd light years away, things just dont add up. Glad i didn’t pay to see it in a theatre. I might rent it on dvd, i’ve heard it’s better because they include a lot of deleted scenes and an alternate ending.

Got up late today, i’m

Got up late today, i’m still in my pyjamas. Started putting things in boxes, food and toiletries. Not much food though, I have a meal plan. Ben linens too, blankets and pillows. I’ll start packing up my clothes soon.

Got the yearbook proofs back

Got the yearbook proofs back today. It’s great to be holding tangible proof of something you’ve put so much effort into. Manipulating images on screen is one thing, but holding them in your hands and knowing it’s finished is entirely different. I am done, woohoo. Now i have to give them to the principal, bastard better not find anything wrong with it or I might have to rip his head off.