One more week in brockville

One more week in brockville then i’m off to kingston to start all over again at the bottom level of a new school. Do it over and over again, start at the bottom, work your way to the top, do it again. Four or five years from now, i’ll start at the bottom of the corporate ladder, same story. I don’t think it will be a huge transition for me, i’ve been raised as an independent kid.

Watched Any Given Sunday tonite.

Watched Any Given Sunday tonite. It was a decent movie, deffinitely one of the better sports movies i’ve seen. Lots of in your face football action with an excellent sound track blended into it. You haven’t seen football this close yet.

Was hanging out with the gang of friends tonite. Everyone’s starting to head off to school. I’ll be one of the last one’s to leave, queen’s starts a bit later than other schools. Drink a few beers, smoke some cuban cigars we picked up in montreal last weekend. It was fun. Most of us took the slut test, even the guys. I scored 33%, higher than almost all the girls. Some of the other guys were higher. Are guys bigger sluts than girls?

Went up to ottawa tonite

Went up to ottawa tonite and saw Art of War, a new movie out this weekend. Some of the action scenes were allright but overall the movie wasn’t great. Bad acting and over-used cliches, complete with a matrix rip-off. We have everything from the evil music when the bad guy walks in, the soft music when there’s potential romance and the climax taking place in the middle of a thunderstorm. On top of it all we have the predictiablity factor.