Tom now claims he didn’t

Tom now claims he didn’t know about the other plasticbag. Yah sure, unoriginal bastard. Haha, i know what he’s talking about, it takes a long time to try and come up with a name you like. I’ve been trying for months. I’ll get some designing done soon, this is my last day at work. I think i’ll go up to ottawa tonite and see a movie.

One more day of work,

One more day of work, then i get a week of holidays, then I go off to school. Here you go son, you’re living on your own now, enjoy. I have to start packing up my room and all my stuff. I guess it will probably be turned into a guest room. No purples and pinks though, please, leave the green. Seems like radiohead is doing what pearl jam has been doing for years.

I’ve been asleep all day,

I’ve been asleep all day, woke up when i got home. Found out my room assignment at queens. I will be in a single room in gordon house, room 366 i believe. The site for the mcrc is fucking useless. They address plastered all over the brochure and there’s nothing there, i wanted some info dammit.