Had a fun weekend wandering

Had a fun weekend wandering around downtown montreal. We stayed at a travelodge that was within easy walking distance of just about everything. We ate dinner at Dunn’s, it has great smoked meat (the waiter made an excellent sales pitch). Went to the stp/rhcp concert in the evening. I liked the stone temple pilots set better than the red hot chili peppers one but, I thought rhcp put on a better show. The chili’s had all the raw energy and just pumped up the crowd more that stp. We left the show about halfway through the rhcp encore. They never really played any song in particular, just jammed for 20 minutes.

After that we hit a stripclub and a bar on ste. catherine’s st. About half an hour after the concert was over the sky opened up and it rained. You end up sitting around inside soaking wet. Yah, I went to a stripclub; eighteen and nineteen year old guys, what do you expect? It was fun, but it’s kind of a waste of money, not something you want to do on a regular basis. The bar we went to was pretty cool, although you had to be frisked before going in. Dave and I followed it up by wandering around chinatown at four in the morning, really not a whole lot to do.

Some of the guys left around noon, Cam and I took the train home. Damn ViaRail isn’t efficient at all, we were delayed both ways and ended up having to take a bus part way home. Wandered around montreal, bought some cd’s: Grade – Triumph & Tragedy, Apartment 26 – Hallucinating, A – A vs Monkey Kong, Pavement – Spit on a Stranger, Jawbreaker – Bivouac, as well as a set of speakers for my new computer.