I really didn’t feel like

I really didn’t feel like getting up this morning. One of those days when your eyelids don’t feel like opening. Can’t really tell if it’s lack of sleep or allergies or some combination of the two. I started work on a new layout last night. I’m going to be moving the site soon, I’ve been feeling the need to get my site of my account at home. I’m headed off to school in less than two weeks. I think i’ll get my room assignment in the mail tonite, a bunch of people found out yesterday. I’m hoping for single, preferably not west campus. They didn’t tell me my room yesterday, but the computer store at queen’s did tell me they were upgrading my processor.

I didn’t write down some of the more interesting moments in my life recently, some of them I just forgot, got sidetracked or something. The weekend before last there was some asshole outside of the burger king who wanted to fight us. He was drunk and not too brightm jubd if your typical small town hick. Hasn’t done much with his life since finishing high school. And then there was finding bubble stuff and a broom sitting on a ledge in chinatown. That and screaming really loud at 4 in the morning. And i wonder why i can’t wake up in the morning.