Didn’t do a whole lot

Didn’t do a whole lot last night. Met up with cam and went out to his place on west campus. His room is smaller than mine. We went out cosmic bowling with a bunch of people from west. I didn’t actually bowl, only 12 people at a time could, so we just sat in the background and had a couple beers. Time to sit down and get some work done, have a number of assignments to do.

I got my computer back

I got my computer back earlier today. They got it done early, that’s how to make me happy. So i’ve been spending some time re-installing stuff and browsing around the internet. I’ll try and get some of my notes typed up tonite, catch up a bit. Only have one class tomorrow, maybe i’ll get some work done.

I talked to ITS on

I talked to ITS on the telephone this afternoon. They didn’t even get around to looking at my computer until earlier today and they discovered that i was going to need a new harddrive. Wow, they have some real geniuses working over there. I told them last friday that i had bad sector error’s and was going to need a new harddrive. They could have ordered me a new one then, but they didn’t. Now, i’m going to have to wait until at least friday to get it back, a slim possibility of getting it tomorrow or after the weekend.

Bah, i can’t go check out the sites i goto everyday, or waste my many hours on the machine. I have been getting a lot of reading done, although it is hard to type of notes without a computer. Yes, i’ve been typing notes. It’s kind of like re-writing them, but i can type a lot faster than i write, so it’s more productive.

My computer is with its

My computer is with its right now. I had a bunch of bad sector error’s, must have just been a bad drive. I’m without computer tonite, so i’ll probably do a good chunk of reading. I can’t type up any notes, that’s the one bad thing about not having a computer sitting in front of me.

Haven’t been writing as much

Haven’t been writing as much lately, had a busy weekend, although i didn’t get the much work finished. I have a computer assingment due tonite at midnight, should be fun getting it finished. It’s one of those things that doesn’t appear to be too hard, but it keeps presenting you with new problems when you think you have it figured out. One more class to go today; psychology.

It’s homecoming weekend here. I

It’s homecoming weekend here. I went to the football game this afternoon, got to see a lot of old alumni parade around the field. There was a thunderstorm here and we had the power knocked out for a couple hours in our residence. We still had a lot of people left on the floor. We ended up having a lot of fun. I have a bunch of work to get caught up on tomorrow.