I talked to ITS on

I talked to ITS on the telephone this afternoon. They didn’t even get around to looking at my computer until earlier today and they discovered that i was going to need a new harddrive. Wow, they have some real geniuses working over there. I told them last friday that i had bad sector error’s and was going to need a new harddrive. They could have ordered me a new one then, but they didn’t. Now, i’m going to have to wait until at least friday to get it back, a slim possibility of getting it tomorrow or after the weekend.

Bah, i can’t go check out the sites i goto everyday, or waste my many hours on the machine. I have been getting a lot of reading done, although it is hard to type of notes without a computer. Yes, i’ve been typing notes. It’s kind of like re-writing them, but i can type a lot faster than i write, so it’s more productive.