Another long day and i

Another long day and i haven’t gone to bed yet for some reason. Second wind, that one you get when you’re tired. Prevents you from going to sleep. We started off the day by going to drama presentation about first year issue and stuff like that. Next was a hypnotist show, blair robertson. I’d seen him before at my old high school. The show was different though. The afternoon was a thing in the library and a scavenger hunt around the campus. I skipped out on the scavenger hunt, just need some downtime. Tonite was more big auditorium presentations. We had Sex with Sue, which rocked and the illusionist/mid reading show that was kind of scary. That kind of how the hell do they do that stuff, you can’t really tell what’s real and what’s not. Then just hanging out with the people in the common room. Yah, people are actually using it now.