Not a whole lot going

Not a whole lot going down. Went out yesterday afternoon, finding my way around kingston on their bus system. Not the easiest system to use, but we had a map that we borrowed from the residence. We went to futureshop and value village. Picked up a spindle of blank cd’s and a new keyboard at future shop. My old keyboard was pissing me off. I was used to the soft touch keyboard we had at home, the one i got with my new computer was one of the old ones. I picked up the microsoft internet keyboard for $40. I was with another guy from my floor, and we found an old 8 track player at value village. We had to buy it and a couple old 8 tracks. Hours of fun. The 8 tracks we picked up were Jefferson Starship, Nat King Cole and some disco mix.

Spent the afternoon at the EngSoc Lounge, coming up with an article for the goldenwords. Hopefully it gets published. That’s it for now, i’m going to do some studying for my computer science midterm.