Been spending the day studying

Been spending the day studying for economics and tweaking my computer. Also figured out what happened to my email. Dreamhost changed some of the mail stuff around with the server shift. The mail is running on it’s own server now, not off our domains. As far as the computer stuff goes, i delted corel linux, not that linux is bad, i just wasn’t using it. Got rid of win98 too, wasn’t using it either. Put a small partition at the front of the hard drive for the use of the windows swap files. It makes things run a bit faster. Last night also marked the first time I bought anything online. Grabbed two cd’s; catch 22 – alone in a crowd and blood for blood – livin’ in exile from mymusic. It’s a decent site, it had everything in canadian prices and was somewhat cheaper than buying it in a store. The 600ml coke bottles have a $5 off thing for mymusic as well.