Drove up to ottawa with

Drove up to ottawa with a friend tonight to go see a movie. We paid to watch Dude, where’s my car? but we only lasted in there for about 15 minutes. They managed to show just about all of the preview in the first 10 minutes. The preview was funnier and more to the point. I know the two guys were supposed to be stupid, but they were completed fucking idiots. Every line had to be repeated at least 5 times. It wears on you and ends up not being funny at all. We ended up seeing What Women Want, which is a decent movie, better than the other one anyway. The first hour was damn funny, but it kind of deteriorated from there, turning into a sappy date movie, they probably could have done more with it. Overall, it wasn’t that bad, anyway you look at it, the movie was still better than dude, where’s my car?