Exam time, exam time. University

Exam time, exam time. University exams are damn hard. Welcome to first year. You realize that you really did nowhere near enough work throughout the year. Residence life isn’t a party, you are here to work. Not that I never did any work, just not as much reviewing, extra, etc as i should have been doing. I’m done with two exams so far, 3 left to go. One monday, one tuesday and one thursday. I had computers friday night at 7 and psych at 9am saturday. Doing shit like that causes you to forget that it’s even a weekend. Certain cafeterias aren’t open, then you realize that it is in fact saturday. My brain was hurting after my exam friday night, too much thinking. The computer people expect you to think like one dammit. Then the psych aspect kicks in and you realize there are no pain receptors in your brain, therefore it must all be in your mind. You’re imagining the pain, just like you’re imagining that dinosaur sitting on top of your monitor.