Was up a little on

Was up a little on the early side today, considering I didn’t have an exam today. I actually made it to breakfast this morning. It’s not a whole lot of fun having all the exams crammed together, better spacing would have been nice. I’ve realized recently that I didn’t do enough work during the school year. Actually, not so much work, more doing review. I competed all my assignments, but should have started going over things a lot earlier, there’s just too much to cover in a week or two.

Dreamhost has been making a transition between two different service types, basically moving people over to another server, etc. everyone ends up with more services. I think they’ve moved me over in the last couple days, I also think I’ve managed to lose email in the process. It hasn’t been receiving any. Time to get cracking on my studying for the day, last exam is tomorrow at 2. Then I’m heading home friday.