Deadlines are fun to work

Deadlines are fun to work with, I tend to get a lot more accomplished if they are closer rather than farther away. Three assignments, a quiz, a website to get done, all by friday. It makes the weekend appear much more inviting. The realization that in a few days it all be behind you, and then you get to start again on the next batch. I finished off the computer assignment this afternoon. I’ll head down and do those much needed loads of laundry and plug away at the algebra assignment.

Last night I went curling for the second time since i’ve been back at school. Before that I hadn’t gone out in at least eight months. I actually played pretty well last night and ended up sticking a great shot to win the game. I watched Titan AE while I was doing some work this afternoon (and evening). It thought it was a decent movie, the animation and story were alright. I liked it better than a lot of the animated fare i’ve seen come out from disney in recent years.