I downloaded sdk 1.3 from

I downloaded sdk 1.3 from sun this afternoon, the newest version of the java developers kit, i had an earlier 1.1.x version running before. I also grabbed jbuilder 4 from borland, we had been using version 2 for class. It’s the same program, albeit a little bit more userfriendly. However it’s not the most userfriendly program to begin with. I also discovered the ver 1.3 of the java developer kit is bundled in jbuilder 4, so i didn’t have to download it.

I also found out that they decided to use a new textbook this semester for the computer course that I took last semester, so I probably wont be able to sell it if I want to. Well, I can probably get rid of it, i just won’t get as much for it. It’s wonderful having an 18 month turnover period for the software and hardware associated with computing, it’s not great when the textbooks are only good for a year or two though and doesn’t have that much resale value. Unlucky more than anything I guess. The course one level down from that used the same textbook, so the people that are in it now are probably more angry that they have to get a new one.