I went to a presentation

I went to a presentation tonite on microsoft tv with some talk about the .NET initiative. They having some interesting connectivity things going on. The ability to have different devices intereact with the internet (with most of your data online) and with each other. Wireless technology and calenders and whatnot. It sounds pretty amazing in theory, but there are some underlying issues with privacy and information overload.

I asked the presenter about privacy, i think my question was a little too vague, because he skirted some of the problems. His response mainly entailed data security involving biometrics, like having to have a finger print or retina scan to access your personal data. That’s great, some average joe can’t figure out what my schedule for the day is but what about corporations? He was talking about your cell phone knowing where you’re located and targeted advertising, perhaps getting offered coupons to a store you walk by, or information about it, maybe a little add will popup. With these devices sending data back and forth, corporations will know more about us than the government. There will be digital copyright management to protect the intellectual property of these company’s but there will be very little in place to protect the identity of the individual.