Go see bonsaikitten, it’s a

Go see bonsaikitten, it’s a site that shows you how to modify the shape of your kittens by stuffing them into various jars, etc. It’s a fucking joke, sometime people take things way too seriously. Save the whales, save the fucking dolphins, save everything just to show that you really are a good person. Being trendy and politically correct has been taken a little bit too far in recent years, some people just don’t know how to have fun anymore.

In the same vein, while our society has a heighened awareness of cruelty towards animals, we have become desenitized regarding violence towards humans. Watch a movie like gladiator, there will be people who don’t say anything about the hundreds of people who get slaughtered, they won’t make a sound, but when a horse falls over or when he kills the tiger, they will say, “Ohhh… poor animal”. What mechanism in the brain has been twisted around that makes us feel nothing for the loss of human life? Animal rights activists are trying to put animal life on par with human life, that’s fine and dandy, but human’s are animals too.