What a fun week that

What a fun week that was. Being sick and trying to get a bunch of assignments and stuff done. I came home last night, wasn’t really sure when I’d get home. The original plan was to go to toronto for the weekend and hangout there. Sickness put a damper on that, i’ll try again in a few weeks. One of the advantages of going to school relatively close to home is that your parents can come and get you pretty quickly. I was home two hours after my dad phoned and said he could pick me up.

Apparently I have strep-throat, so I’ve been put on some penicillin which should clear it up in a week or so. The last couple days it hurt to swallow and I had a headache and so forth. I just ignored it all so I could get my work finished and catch up on my sleep. Now, I’m home in my room with heavy curtains and no clock, so I really have no idea what time it is when I wake up.