Haven’t written much in the

Haven’t written much in the last few days. I go through writing phases of some sort, sometimes I like to write a lot, other times I just forget about it all together. It looks like it’s going to be another hellish week, three assignments and a quiz. I half of my algebra assignment done at the moment and a decent chunk of my computer assignment finished. That leaves economics and my calc quiz. There’s a possibility of getting the quiz out of the way tomorrow tuesday night instead of wednesday, but it would involve me studying tuesday afternoon. That way, I could go to the golden words masthead meeting. I had an interview on the weekend and I was made one of the new webmonkies for the paper, the guys in charge of the online version.

Lots of school. I had a job interview on friday that I think went pretty well. I have another one tuesday aft. It looks like there’s a decent chance of me sticking around here this summer. Time to finish off a bit of work and get to bed.