Not really a whole lot

Not really a whole lot going on, just enjoying having no assignments due this week. Managed to get laundry done, dishes cleaned, room cleaned up and a bit of work done to boot tonite. Pretty effective evening I must say. Conform will be updated shortly, I have another image to go up. Received a call today regarding a job application i put in a week or two ago, it will probably take place later on this week. I’m also going to be doing a little bit more freelance webdesign, just a little page for someone.

I’ve seen a couple movies recently, finding forrester and gods and monsters. Finding forrester was essentially good will hunting with an english prodigy instead of a math prodigy, sean connery instead of robin williams and a poor black kid instead of a poor white kid. It was still a pretty good movie though, I enjoyed watching it. It expresses some similar views that I have about a lot of the bullshit that tends to permeate the world of analyzing english literature, sometimes you just have to enjoy what was written and not destroy your impression of it by picking it apart. Gods and monsters was pretty good too, Ian McKellen does a great job acting as usual, and Brendan Fraser’s role in the movie was surprisingly well done compared to a lot of the people he tends to portray in movies.