I’ve been neglecting online commitments

I’ve been neglecting online commitments the last month or two. I haven’t been talking to old friends via icq and email, I should keep in touch. I haven’t been updating with any regularity or meaningful content. I’ve haven’t put too much work into suffocate or conform, which I really should have been doing. Conform is in need of a redesign and a new backend, make it easier to update.

I have an algebra exam tonight. I think I’m prepared for it, I also have the rest of the day to study. It’s my computer exam on wednesday that I’m kind of worried about, haven’t done enough studying for it. Earlier in the year, I had put up pieces of black bristol board to cover a couple of the windows in my room. There are no curtains on them, so otherwise, you can’t prevent light from coming in them. I took the bristol board down, it’s springtime and I need more sunlight. This is the first morning in a long time with more sunlight (the sun comes up on my side of the residence). I’m deffinitely not used to it being this bright in my room.