I’ve been studying for my

I’ve been studying for my computer exam most of the day/night, with breaks of course. I went to a tutorial this afternoon that was helpful both for my exam tomorrow and deciding what to take next year. I have to make sure that I actually get up for my exam tomorrow and am coherent enough to write it. It generally takes me a while to wake up.

As far as the courses go next year, it looks like i have to take two discrete math courses, programming paradigms, a course involving assembly programming, circuits, etc, a course that’s an extension of the one i’m taking now, a course about proving/testing programming structures and a statistics course. Beyond that I have 3 spots where I can have electives. The tutor also suggested taking a math minor because we’ll be at least halfway there by the time we’re finished anyway. At the moment, I have a bit of a headache from all the studying and thinking. I’m going to do a bit more, head off to bed, then try and wake up early to do a bit more studying.