I’m back at home for

I’m back at home for a couple of days. Just took it easy and went out to a bar with a friend i hadn’t seen in awhile. We couldn’t really get a hold of many people, a good chunk of them had to work today.

The concert that weezer is having in toronto is being moved to june 8 and the only way to get tickets is through the edge. I put my email into the contest, but it doesn’t seem likely that i’ll win. It would be nice to go. I made a cd yesterday afternoon, one of the first i’ve made in quite awhile. I was experimenting with a program called nero. It has some features that allow you to do things like crossfading. So, I’ve got a nice 21 song cd with crossfaded tracks. Although I was in a rush and didn’t notice that one of the tracks didn’t rip well and cut off part way through (blimps go 90 – guided by voices). Update: at this point I hadn’t listened to much gbv, so it seemed really abrupt with the crossfade. The track is in fact less than two minutes, but it’s still a damn good song