Well I have a part

Well I have a part time job as a carney in the amusement section of a local park. Ohh, the fun. I had my second day of work there this afternoon, I ended up with a mild sunburn. It was a bright sunny day until about 5:30 and then a crazy wind whipped up accoss the lake bringing with it lots of rain. They ended up closing the park down a little on the early side. And for some reason I have resorted to talking about the weather.

The sky is yellow outside,

The sky is yellow outside, it looks like someone stuck some sort of filter over my window. It’s hard to say if this will turn into a saturday night in front of the computer, odds are now. But it happens. It’s staying light outside for longer with the summer soltice approaching quickly.

I just finished watching Ben

I just finished watching Ben Hur this afternoon. It was on television and for the most part without commercials. There was just one bank of commercials at the scheduled intermission in the movie, it was nice. The movie was one of those ones that I had been meaning to see for awhile and it just happened to be on television. I thought it was pretty good, especially considering that it was made in 1959 with the absence of computers.

I’ve read a couple of

I’ve read a couple of reviews (salon, variety, ny post) of Pearl Harbour and none of them point to a movie of great quality. I thought it might have some potential, even though it’s being released as a summer blockbuster. Other films like Saving Private Ryan have been released during the summer and been pretty good. From the sounds of it, the movie is a Disney-fied romance story than runs around 3 hours in length. I remember seeing trailers for the movie last year, they mainly showed portions of the battle and some of the CGI and it looked pretty amazing, there wasn’t really any mention of a love story. General rule of thumb is play to as many possible dynamics as you can, an R rated movie will leave out the purchasing power of kids with disposable income.

I started working on a

I started working on a wimamp skin tonite, it’s a little bit more involved than I thought it would be. Working with small little graphics and nitpicky details, stuff that won’t look right if it’s off by one pixel. I have most of the main window finished (except for the buttons), which mean I still have to do the equalizer and the playlist (and maybe the minibrowser and advanced visualization studio if i feel like it). I think the main window is the hardest to do, I could be wrong though.

Starting to get back into

Starting to get back into the swing of things, doing more design and stuff on the web. I’ve got a couple of projects that I’m going to be helping out with, stuff I have to get started on. I’m trying to write a bit more and read a bit more. I also have to decide what courses I want to take next year. I believe that a good number of them are predetermined by my program but I still have some choices for electives.

Chris Cornell has hooked up

Chris Cornell has hooked up with the three remaining members of rage against the machine. They’re going to be renaming the band, it’s something to follow at any rate. Whatever zach de la rocha is coming up with, it sounds cool. He’s going to have ?uestlove from the roots for a couple tracks and some stuff with dj shadow. It should be good. I don’t feel tired at the moment but I really should go to bed.

I haven’t really spent much

I haven’t really spent much time on the internet the last couple of days. I’ve had some other things to do and never really got around to updating the site. I finished up the redesign of conform a couple of days ago, i’m still waiting on an image in the series so I can take it live.

The weather here has been dismal the last couple of days and our power has been kind of sketchy. It went out a couple of times last night.